About our company

Photon Entertainment was established by Marcin Joka, Michał Grześ, Krzysztof Dziemiańczuk, Michał Bogucki and Maciej Kopczyński, four students and one academic teacher from the Bialystok University of Technology, Poland. We have big experience and knowledge, as students we have received numerous distinctions and honorable mentions for their work. We have won prestigious technological contests organized by companies such as Microsoft or Phillips and have been awarded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education – they are prize-winners of the “Generation of the Future” program. The team members can be found, among others, in the TOP Innovators500 program and New Europe 100 ranking (the list of 100 most dynamically developing innovators in Europe, which is created by laRespublica and Google). Our personal experience is worth noticing - in 2014 one of the creators of Photon, Michał Grześ, worked as the coordinator and main constructor of Hyperion 2, an award-winning Mars rover. This year CEO of Photon, Marcin Joka, has become a nominee for the MIT Innovators under 35.