Want Your Child to be Successful in the Future? Start With This

Being too forceful is never good, but there are ways to make your beloved one pick better career choices or get ready for challenges that the future holds for him or her.


We often praise the progress of child-oriented coding technology but in fact, it can’t just develop by itself. Visionaries, mentors, celebrities or just simple parents, who wanted their little ones to feel at ease in the world ruled by ones and zeroes – all of these are the pillars that keep it going forward. Who are these people? Welcome to our little Hall of Fame!

Learning Through Fun – 5 Amazing Games That Teach Coding

5 games that teach coding (and make fun)

3 Great Ways to Teach Your Child the Art of Coding

Hopscotch, Photon, CoderDojo

Can Toy Robots Save Your Child From Wasting Time Online?

In the era of Minecraft, YouTube and Snapchat is there any chance that educational toys could change the way our kids spend their time? We live in the age where the amount of hours wasted on smartphones and computers can be measured in more than one digit.